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Luxury Grazing Tables

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Savoury or Sweet

Large tables from 1 metre - 12 metres (30 - 360 people)

Sharing platters for individual tables

Picnic hampers for any occasion

Box platters for 2 - 4 people.

Savoury or Sweet

Choose your Style

Savoury or Sweet

Choose between:

Savoury or Sweet

Savoury and Sweet

Breakfast, Brunch and Just Fruit

Pick and choose from our Menu options.

Choose your Style

Choose your Style

Add Amazing Extras

Flat Lay table - All one level

Layered table - Different heights

Styled table - Full styling.

Add Amazing Extras

Vegetarian and Vegan

Add Amazing Extras

From Macarons to Champagne and edible flowers, we can really add the WOW factor to your event.

Finish off the design with natural greenery, delicate florals and even candles. 

Celebrate in Style

Vegetarian and Vegan

Vegetarian and Vegan

Our luxury Grazing Tables are perfect for large celebrations and smaller events. Whether you're wanting informal catering for a large wedding or a small bridal shower with your bride tribe in your kitchen, we can deliver an exceptional feast you and your guests will always remember.

Vegetarian and Vegan

Vegetarian and Vegan

Vegetarian and Vegan

We can cater for your vegetarian and vegan guests, or we can create whole tables with the freshest vegetarian and/or vegan ingredients as well as gluten free options.


Let the feast begin

Fruit   Oranges   Red grapes   Green grapes   Strawberries   Blackberries   Figs   Pomegranate   Dates   Dried apricots   Apple   Peach   Mango   Kiwi   Cherries   Blood orange   Blueberries   Raspberries   Watermelon   Cantaloupe melon   Honeydew melon   Coconut   Cherry tomatoes   Sundried tomatoes    

Meat   Parma ham   Chorizo slices   Chorizo sticks   Salami   Pate   Pastrami   Pork pies   Hams   Peppered beef   Sausuage rolls   Prosciutto    Smoked sausage

Cheese   Cheddar   Brie   Stilton   Red leicester   Mozzarella   Feta   Garlic   Cheese towers   Smoked   Edam   Goats   With fruit   Baked camembert   Gouda   Gruyere   Manchego    

Vegetables   Cucumber   Celery   Artichokes in oil   Peppers   Stuffed peppers   Carrots   Chillis    

Bread   Plain breadsticks   Seeded breadsticks   Gormet crackers   Seeded crackers   French bread   Salted pretzels   Chocolate pretzels   Seeded   Toasted flatbread   Cheesestraws   Artisan breads   Bagels   Sourdough   Olive    Sundried tomato   Bagels

Nuts   Walnuts   Almonds   Cashews   Pistachio   Seeds   Spiced   Candied

Pastries   Brioche   Pan au chocolat   Croissant   Pan au raisin   Jams     

Extras   Humus   Flavoured oils   Chutneys   Honey slabs   Dark chocolate   Cornichons   Sausage rolls   Mini quiche   Dips   Pesto   Falafel   Smoked salmon   cream cheese & dill   Balsamic vinegar   Roasted garlic   Popcorn   Waffles   Honeycomb   Macarons   Edible flowers   Champagne   Mini champagne   Granola & yogurt jars   Avacado smash   Mustards   Pickles   Salad bowls   Dressings   Butters   Doughnuts   Mini cheesecakes   Truffles   Fudge   Cake pops   Iced biscuits   Brownies   Meringue kisses   Bamboo plates   Bamboo cutlery   Paper napkins   Olive picks        

Decoration   Eucalyptus   Rosemary   Thyme   Basil   Lavendar   Flowers   Pampas grass   Fabric swags   Soft ruscus   Candles   Palm leaves  

Layered & Styled Options   Log slices   Wooden crates   Cake stands   Wooden boards   Marble slabs   Ceramic bowls   Glass bowls   Slate boards   Glass plates   Charger plates   Cheese knives   Gold cheese knives   Gold metal baskets   Black metal baskets   White metal baskets  


1 metre - up to 30 people £275

1.5 metres - up to 45 people £425

2 metres - up to 60 people £575

3 metres - up to 90 people £875

4 metres - up to 120 people £1,175

5 metres - up to 150 people £1,475

6 metres - up to 180 people £1,775

7 metres - up to 210 people £2,075

8 metres - up to 240 people £2,375

9 metres - up to 270 people £2,675

10 metres - up to 300 people £2,975

11 metres - up to 330 people £3,275

12 metres - up to 360 people £3,575

All prices above are based on a Flatlay table

Celebration Box Platters and Hampers

2 people £40

4 people £60

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